France Mayer and her proud collaborators

France Mayer and her proud collaborators

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France Mayer and her proud collaborators

  • France Mayer
    France Mayer
    Certified Real Estate Broker AEO

    From agency director to Certified Real Estate Broker AEO., her knowledges has helped to perfect her expertise to the benefit of the clients. Buyers and Sellers appreciate her active listening, professionalism, assiduity, competence, ability to negotiate and finding winning solutions for all.
    Her passion emerges on a daily basis, while she contributes to the realization of the project of clients where the dream becomes reality. At RE/MAX Signature since 1998, ranked among the first in real estate TOPS of the industry, every new distinctions testify the constant dedication and great efficiency of France. Recipient of numerous awards of EXCELLENCE throughout her career, such as Club 100%, Club Prestige, HALL OF FAME, Platinum Club, LIFE TIME REHIEVEMENT and member of the Chairman Club, she was ranked 28th in the RE / MAX Québec network (on nearly 2900 courtiers) in 2015. France Mayer inc. does not cease to be fulfilled. Year after year, her loyal clientele contributes to her growth, thanks to numerous references as a sign of appreciation for her personalized service. Passionate about real estate, keeping abreast of new trends and new demands of her clientele, she privileges interaction between various professionals and you will benefit from her vast network, support for the enhancement of your property (Home Staging), a qualified photographer and even more ...Working with vigilance according to the rules and the respect of the law of the Real Estate brokerage Act of Quebec remains her priority. In addition to her proactive approach, France generously offers a peaceful transaction with the Tranquilli-T protection program, for the well-being of her customers.

    A career in the real estate industry is serious for France ! She wants RE/SULTS! 

  • Guillaume Perrault
    Guillaume Perrault
    Residential Real Estate Broker
  • Richard Perrault
    Richard Perrault
    Certified Real Estate Broker
  • Véronique Cardinal
    Véronique Cardinal
  • Cynthia Plante
    Cynthia Plante
    Residential Real Estate Broker
  • France Mayer France Mayer
  • Guillaume Perrault Guillaume Perrault
  • Richard Perrault Richard Perrault
  • Véronique Cardinal Véronique Cardinal
  • Cynthia Plante Cynthia Plante

Our listings

All the properties at a glance!
MLS: 25336921
5466 1re Avenue
Montréal (Rosemont/La Petite-Patrie)
# 25336921  2  1
MLS: 16465250
4505 Ch. des Prairies
# 16465250  2  1
MLS: 25701233
161 Rue des Marguerites
# 25701233  5  2
MLS: 25968672
267 Rue Chanteclerc
# 25968672  2  2
MLS: 14311864
2200 Rue St-Georges (Lemoyne)
Longueuil (Le Vieux-Longueuil)
# 14311864  2  1
MLS: 14201155
Two or more storey
492 Rue Jacques-Rousseau
# 14201155  3  2
MLS: 21294593
100 Rue Choquette
# 21294593  3  1
MLS: 14257786
Two or more storey
112 Rue du Dévidois
# 14257786  5  2
MLS: 13443024
520 Rue Notre-Dame
La Prairie
# 13443024  3  1
MLS: 25738217
One-and-a-half-storey house
179 Rue St-Laurent
La Prairie
# 25738217  2  1
MLS: 16003150
261 Rue du Trécarré
# 16003150  3  2
MLS: 25282233
Two or more storey
1081 Rue Gauguin
Longueuil (Le Vieux-Longueuil)
# 25282233  4  2
MLS: 19750554
1720 Ch. de la Côte-d'en-Haut
# 19750554  3  2
MLS: 10485771
Two or more storey
13 Rue Guyon
# 10485771  4  1
MLS: 23975661
2420 Rue des Roseaux
# 23975661  2  1
MLS: 22001631
Two or more storey
2785 Ch. des Patriotes
# 22001631  4  2

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Customers testimonials

Customers testimonials

  • I appreciated very much the rigor in your work ethic as well as your work ethic. I felt very well represented and found that you did not just want to make the sale but also you wanted to find what was best for us. Your support during the process was exceptional. Thank you!

    Diane Perras & Alphonse Doucet
France Mayer and her proud collaborators

France Mayer and her proud collaborators

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